Financial Freedom: Creating a Passive Income Website to Pay for My Mortgage

If you ask anybody what their definition for financial freedom is – you will get a multitude of answers. Many will be very similar but all will differ in some way. Everybody has different circumstances and each person’s situation is unique. My definition and idea for financial freedom is probably

4 Ways to Get Long Tail Pro and Make it Pay for Itself

When I finally made the decision the get Long Tail Pro way back in December of 2012 – I honestly had no idea how much this one piece of software would impact everything I do online. I knew that it would help me find more and better keywords right off the

Don’t Buy a Niche Site Course Without Evaluating the Source

Post Updated: 8/06/2016 – New Niche Site Courses added towards bottom of post Do you know what it feels like to have money randomly deposited into your Paypal account? I do. And let me just tell you – it is freaking awesome! Random income generated from work done in the

Passive Income Ideas and Answers – Ask Matt – July and August 2016

Welcome to the 2nd edition of my “Ask Matt” series! In case you didn’t see the 1st edition, check it out if you want to read details about why I started this series. Basically, I got tired of wasting time answering questions privately via email and figured I might as

How I Used a [Mostly] Content Only Strategy to Grow a Brand New Site to 400+ Daily Visitors

If you hate link building like I do and plan to use a content only strategy for your niche site – then this post is for you. Starting a brand new niche site on a brand new domain is definitely NOT a get-rich-quick plan. I should know. I’ve started plenty

Making Money Online – Ask Matt – September 2016

Welcome to this months edition of Ask Matt! Because I blog publicly about ‘making money online‘ and ‘passive income‘ – I tend to get a lot of questions from people about various related topics. Although I don’t formally ask for these questions – they inevitably come in randomly. Sometimes by

Brand Positioning Strategy for Affiliate or FBA Websites

With so many different gurus throwing out “new” methods for marketing to your target audience online today, choosing one brand positioning strategy and pushing forward with it can be difficult. It’s not hard to understand why the failure rate among online marketers is so high. The amount of information that is