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What’s the deal? I’m glad you asked. Here, at Smart Ass Investing, while we do have a sense of humor, we don’t think that losing money is funny. At all.

Our blog provides insight, some reviews of our own investing mishaps and straight talking, no BS solutions on how to save (and spend) wisely. We hope you join us and subscribe to our mailing list….because we give a lot of free stuff away to fledgling investors (that’s you) who are signed up — the rest of these suckers, get nothing!

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Did you know that the average person can only expect a 10% return on a real estate investment, but that very same “average” person can expect a 300% return on investment when working online or even purchasing a franchise or working with seasoned investors to boost Kickstarter campaigns? Now you do. One of the things we are focused on here is teaching people (for free, not an outlandish fee) how to make money in their pajamas and kick real estate investor tail.

Another fun fact: The largest real estate company in the world (and most profitable) owns zero real estate. Who is it?

None other than AirBNB.


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